Innovative startup gets a new logotype and color chart
We are excited to present the graphic profile for Mitigram, located in Stockholm, the centre of Swedish innovation and one of the most active technology startup hubs in the world.
Mitigram is the global collaborative marketplace for trade finance professionals. Mitigram is an independent web-based service featuring an innovative communication channel that enables financial institutions and corporates to speed up the trade finance instruments pricing process via a single, secure and easy-to-use interface. 
The new logotype needed to reflect both the innovative and modern product of Mitigram and the more conventional world of the trade finance professionals. It was also key to visualise the networking feature that allows participants to leverage their existing trade finance relationships as well as establish new ones.
A complete colour chart was created based on four main colours and multiple shades to make sure consistency is kept throughout all assets.
While at it, we also made a quick face lift to the User Interface to create a more sleek design.
Client: Mitigram
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